Woman using touchless faucet

Thanksgiving Sous Chef

Thanksgiving is looking a little different this year. Your guests may appear around your table via video screen instead of in person. Instead of relying on others to bring one of the many thanksgiving items on your table, you may find yourself in charge of every dish this year. Your feast preparations are not slowing down. Don’t worry, we can help staff your kitchen with the right Crue.


Meet your Thanksgiving Sous Chef, the Touchless Faucet

First on the menu: prepare that turkey. Working with poultry can be a bit tricky, and how tedious is it to wash your hands every-time you work with your main course? Our touchless faucets allow you to get your hands dirty while keeping your kitchen appliances clean. In addition to a host of hygienic benefits, Crue boasts a clean, sophisticated design that adapts to nearly any kitchen style.


Next up: Pumpkin pie. The days of putting a batter-covered hand on your faucet to turn it on and off are over, thanks to touchless kitchen faucets like the Crue®. With a simple wave of your hand or mixing spoon, Crue’s innovative and discreet technology activates the faucet instantly and reliably.


For those who prefer their cooking experience with a little bling, the Crue kitchen faucet is available in one of our newest finishes, Vibrant® Brushed Modern Brass. And that integrated touchless technology means never having to worry about smudging its stunning exterior. Sophisticated and contemporary, this finish is sure to shine in any setting—though never outshine Grandma’s classic pumpkin pie recipe.


Choose Your Sides

Lastly: Mashed potatoes. Move efficiently by peeling and chopping away while filling automatically your pot of water for mashed potatoes. Dictate how much water to fill with advanced voice-activated technology.


The Crue smart faucet with voice-activated technology dispenses measured amounts of water at your spoken command. Just say the words to turn the water on, fill containers to a preset level or dispense a specific quantity.


In addition to voice control, this touchless faucet includes a motion sensor that turns water on and off with a wave of your hand. Crue provides two sprays to make daily kitchen tasks easier. The faucet works with the KOHLER Konnect™ app so you can monitor water usage and be notified of unusual flow.


Better Together

In addition to your new kitchen accessories, enlist your roommates, family, or fur-friends for extra help in the kitchen and you’re sure to have the perfect 2020 Thanksgiving feast.